My name is Henk Boshoff. In 2016 I enrolled for a master’s degree in Communication Management offered by the Communication Management Division, at the University of Pretoria (Republic of South Africa).

The Communication Management Division is regarded as a global thought leader, and is locally and internationally known as the “Pretoria School of Thought“. It focuses on strategic communication and reputation management as well as their manifestations in governing stakeholder relationships in the world of work.

Right off the bat I had to immerse myself in exploratory reading. Initially to reacquaint myself with the academic field of Public Relations (PR) / Corporate Communications (CM), and to inform myself of developments and trends. The latter also to feel for a research focus. After productive engagements with my promoter, Dr. Estelle De Beer, I read some more. Then I read even more. At some point my reading trance spilled over into that part of my mind where ‘abduction’ happens. So, to skip the metaphysics, I discovered the topic. I worked to conceptualize ‘Responsible Communication‘ within the area of corporate communication.

I was awarded the degree MCom, Communication Management in early 2019. If you are a student of communication in the business sphere, I hope some of this research proves helpful.

Thank you

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