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Welcome to my site, which is more or less a journal of aspects of the road to:
Conceptualizing ‘Responsible Communication’, the title for the research article submitted and accepted for an MCOM with specialisation in Communication management. Here I share some musings and my evolving research.

NOTE: The normative uses of the term “Responsible communication”:

   – In Public Relations

Responsible communication” in the designation “Responsible Communication Agencies” indicates PR agencies that specialize in Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Citizenship communications. I view this as a poor application of language and argue that the accurate term to use in this context should be “Responsibility Communication“.

   -In Law, regarding Journalism

Responsible communication” is also a term used in common law based legal systems as a legal defense when sued for defamation -which usually involves journalists (or their media organisations) publishing information considered as ‘in the public interest’.

– In my conceptualisation

The use of communication to operationalise corporate responsibility in its many guises and forms.